Stav’s Tips & Tales: Fresh from the barber shop with Stav the Barber – Keeping you cool this Summer

When the going gets hot it’s time for a crop…

Flaming June! For a few days it was finally hot enough to complain about how hot it was and, with summer in full flight, you may have noticed people walking around wearing a little less – some wearing a hell of a lot less – the one thing nobody complains about!

Time for a crop

The same applies to hair. When it heats up, shorter is better. The crop, also known as the buzz cut, is a short haircut with a slight reputation for making its owner look a little bit naughty. Yet some gentleman like manners and paired with a softer yet stylish approach in the wardrobe department, the crop is a bad boy style that will make you look good.

Suits you

There are different variations on the theme: you can go for the same length all over or shorter on the sides than the top or, if you’re feeling a touch flamboyant, a hard taper with sharp lines around the edges works well.

The heat is off!

Voila! The buzz gives Instant hair relief from the heat on those just-a-little-too-hot days, not to mention valuable time saved in front of the mirror. This all adds up to the already added man points you have notched up by choosing the crop in the first place. A good move all round!