Stav’s Tips & Tales: Fresh from the barber shop with Stav the Barber – Keeping you cool this Summer

When the going gets hot it’s time for a crop…

Flaming June! For a few days it was finally hot enough to complain about how hot it was and, with summer in full flight, you may have noticed people walking around wearing a little less – some wearing a hell of a lot less – the one thing nobody complains about!

Time for a crop

The same applies to hair. When it heats up, shorter is better. The crop, also known as the buzz cut, is a short haircut with a slight reputation for making its owner look a little bit naughty. Yet some gentleman like manners and paired with a softer yet stylish approach in the wardrobe department, the crop is a bad boy style that will make you look good.

Suits you

There are different variations on the theme: you can go for the same length all over or shorter on the sides than the top or, if you’re feeling a touch flamboyant, a hard taper with sharp lines around the edges works well.

The heat is off!

Voila! The buzz gives Instant hair relief from the heat on those just-a-little-too-hot days, not to mention valuable time saved in front of the mirror. This all adds up to the already added man points you have notched up by choosing the crop in the first place. A good move all round!

Stav’s Tips & Tales: Fresh from the barber shop, THE HIGH FADE – CURTAINS

Stav and shop mascot Big Reggie

TIPS & TALES Fresh from the barber shop… with Stav the Barber

Bravo gentlemen, give yourselves a pat on the back. You managed to survive those winter blues. Luckily spring is now here, bringing with it the promise of warmer weather and extra daylight – and, boy, do you feel it in your step on your way to work. Some people call this the season of new
beginnings and with that sentiment in mind it is the ideal time to try out one of these new hairstyles that will definitely be trending throughout 2017.

High tight fades on the back and sides of your hair will be popular this year, taking over from the Low Fade of 2016. This haircut will give you a more military look and on top go for a close but textured cut (think Ryan Reynolds in the movie ‘Deadpool’). Alternatively leave some length on top and disconnect from the sides (which in theory should have you resembling Brad Pitt in the epic war movie ‘ Fury’.)

You could say the curtains have been raised on this massive 90’s hairstyle as it is making something of a comeback. Go for tapered sides and back, an undercut will also work well. On top you will need at least medium length hair to create that centre parting and curtain-like fringe. It’s worth having a little chat with your barber to see if you have what it takes to pull it off, but if you do, you could be on to a winner.

1. Don’t wait till the moment you sit down in the barber’s chair to pull out your phone and start searching the net for men’s haircut photos. Do your homework, save your photos and come prepared.
2. Try to not wear a cap or hat on the day you decide to have a haircut.
Barbershop Banter…
Why do barbers make good drivers?
Because they know all the shortcuts.

On a more serious note, rumour has it that the Kingpin of suspect hairstyles could find its way back onto our streets. This style goes by the name The Mullet! This is a plea on behalf of all of us here at Alexander Barbers Headquarters, to please try to avoid this nasty piece of work!

Chaps remember whatever haircut or style you go for wear it with confidence!! Time to leave you and I will do so with a quote from absolute legend and Hollywood actor Christopher Walken – ‘My hair was famous before I was’.
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Stav’s Tips & Tales: Winter and Christmas season 2016

Let’s start with a quote from Frank Sinatra (a barber shop legend) to get us in the Christmas party spirit – ‘Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy!’

Over the festive period there will be family get-togethers, New Year’s Eve spectaculars and the notorious office Christmas (party) to deal with.

Chaps will make several pit stops at the barber shop in the coming weeks.
The old cutthroat razors are out ready for the traditional Hot Towel Shave.

And, like ‘Ol Blue Eyes himself, clean shaven is the look to go for over the Christmas period (Santa is the only dude who should be sporting a beard come Christmas Eve).

With the whiskers gone you’ll be looking and feeling younger plus we reckon it will put a big smile on Mum’s face over Christmas dinner (I hope you are reading this Jono Openshaw, the bearded manager at Fitness First).

Remember the good old razor can have a real positive impact on your day.

For you guys shaving at home, here are a few tips to make your shave a treat and not a chore.

1. Make the experience more fun and soften your beard with a home-made hot towel.
(I’m going to post a video on our website – look right – to show you just how to do this).

2. Treat yourself (it’s Christmas after all) to a Badger Hair Shaving Brush, great for creating a rich creamy lather.

3. Use short strokes only, about an inch at a time. Also allow the blade to do the work, no need to apply too much pressure.

To all the ladies reading this column, here at Alexander Barbers Headquarters we are very proud of the gentleman of Hammersmith, we hope you are too. We have put together a little list of manly gift ideas to help you put a grin on your bloke’s face this Christmas (he deserves it).

1. Kent Military Hairbrush
2. Shoe Shine Kit
3. You can’t go wrong with the John Wayne ceramic mug
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The team, Big Reggie (the dog), and I would like to take this chance to thank all the Hammersmith Locals and our customers for supporting us. You make the shop special and are the reason our barber shop buzzes. You make it a wonderful place to come into work each day. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Stav’s Tips & Tales: Autumn 2016

Big Reggie, and Stavros Christoudolakis – Barber

‘Unlike Big Reggie, my French Bulldog (above left!)and the beautiful official mascot for Alexander Barbers HQ, us chaps should not be keeping it short and sharp over the autumn season.

‘While the hot summer months ensure we keep our hair clipped close and tidy, the beginning of the winter months gives us a chance to, well, be downright messy on top.

‘Why?’ I hear you ask. Simple. The autumn is going to throw everything it has got at your hair. Think wind, rain, hail and even sleet. It’s going to be messy, come what may. So embrace it. If you do, your hair will be easy to maintain.

‘At our barbers we often see a rush in the days running up to Halloween, particularly now that the October 31st has become hipper than ever with pub parties and dinners at friends’ homes.

‘Here are a few hints about getting it right for what Keats described as a ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!’

Go for short to mid length on the sides, get the top chopped into so that it is texturised. Remember the more weight you remove from your hair the more movement you will get, particularly when the wind blows. Here is a list of some of our favourite hair products if you want to take on the elements and keep your hairstyle in place.

1 – Forming Cream – by American Crew. A medium hold with medium shine that works well with side parts and slicked back styles.

2 – Defining Paste – by American Crew. A medium hold with low shine. A great product for the chap who is slightly thinning on top.

3 – Reformer – from the MITCH range by Paul Mitchell. A strong hold with a matt finish texturiser. Works well with your new messy Autumn style.

Stav’s Tips & Tales: Summer 2016

Stavros Christoudolakis – Barber

Stav’s Style Tips for Summer

‘Summer is here and the world’s trendiest fashion show featuring YOU is about to begin. We are going to see the latest hairstyle, clothing, and accessory trends being strutted up and down London’s high streets.

‘During Summer traditionally most men cut their hair a little shorter and more frequently thanks to the great British sunshine. Here is a list of my top 3 coolest summer haircuts:

1 – The Textured Quiff
2 – Short Sides with Choppy Top
3 – Textured Cop

‘Gentlemen, less in most cases equals more, especially when applying gels and waxes to your hair. Remember you are styling your hair and not cementing together a three-storey house.

‘You will find creating a style easier if you first wash your hair which will help to relax it making it more manoeuvrable.

1 – A good tip if you have lots of product buildup slapped on your head is to apply shampoo straight onto your hair before wetting it so the shampoo gets straight to work on the product buildup. Now rinse out, then shampoo and rinse again as normal.

2 – A common mistake is applying hair product straight onto wet hair. Once washed you should lightly towel dry then use your hands to gently ruffle your hair into shape as close to the style you are looking to create.

‘A few Derek Zoolander Blue Steel looks into the mirror and you are ready to apply your hair product and hit the glamour that is Hammersmith’s King Street. It is well worth investing in a good shampoo to throw in your gym bag alongside your favourite wax.’

Stav’s Tips & Tales: Spring 2016

Stavros Christoudolakis, barber at Alexander Barbers HQ, offers us his Spring Style Tips.

‘The fashion for Hipster beards is over – it’s yesterday’s style. Guys will be opting for shorter beards and stubble to get that rugged look. The trend this Spring will be short back and sides, traditional number 1 and 2 crops. Side partings are going to stay around during 2016. We will see more classic cuts with lots of texture and very close tapering around the edges. Wet shaves are definitely back on the menu.

‘Try the Crop & Suit’

‘For those guys with the right shaped head and face who go for the all-over crop, they should complement that chiselled look with sharp tailored clothing. Choose well defined suits with crisp, clean lines. Although strong colours are in this year you can’t beat a light grey, it’s perfect for every occasion.

‘Don’t follow the herd!’

‘Find out what works best for you. Don’t feel the need to follow the herd – don’t be a sheep. Keep an eye on what’s in and out, but have your own style. It’s just as important to feel comfortable with what you wear. After all, it’s all very well looking great, but if the style leaves you feeling awkward, then it isn’t right. It’s about your overall image.

‘Hang loose!’

‘Meanwhile, this year will see the arrival of a new casual look – trousers just got wider. Skinny jeans are out – loose trousers are back in. Wide trousers will after all, fit just about anyone!