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Stav’s Tips & Tales: Summer 2016

Stavros Christoudolakis – Barber

Stav’s Style Tips for Summer

‘Summer is here and the world’s trendiest fashion show featuring YOU is about to begin. We are going to see the latest hairstyle, clothing, and accessory trends being strutted up and down London’s high streets.

‘During Summer traditionally most men cut their hair a little shorter and more frequently thanks to the great British sunshine. Here is a list of my top 3 coolest summer haircuts:

1 – The Textured Quiff
2 – Short Sides with Choppy Top
3 – Textured Cop

‘Gentlemen, less in most cases equals more, especially when applying gels and waxes to your hair. Remember you are styling your hair and not cementing together a three-storey house.

‘You will find creating a style easier if you first wash your hair which will help to relax it making it more manoeuvrable.

1 – A good tip if you have lots of product buildup slapped on your head is to apply shampoo straight onto your hair before wetting it so the shampoo gets straight to work on the product buildup. Now rinse out, then shampoo and rinse again as normal.

2 – A common mistake is applying hair product straight onto wet hair. Once washed you should lightly towel dry then use your hands to gently ruffle your hair into shape as close to the style you are looking to create.

‘A few Derek Zoolander Blue Steel looks into the mirror and you are ready to apply your hair product and hit the glamour that is Hammersmith’s King Street. It is well worth investing in a good shampoo to throw in your gym bag alongside your favourite wax.’

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